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  • Joob Joobs: The Ultimate Destination for a Fun-Filled Slime Party in Belfast

    Joob Joobs is not just your average sweet shop. With a delicious array of sweets and a delightful shopping experience, Joob Joobs also hosts the most exciting kids' parties. From our base in Belfast, Joob Joobs offers an unforgettable party venue, brimming with fun, laughter, and of course, sweets! One of our most popular offerings is our spectacular slime party. 

  • Joob Joobs: Creating Sweet Memories with Amazing Kids Parties in Belfast

    Welcome to Joob Joobs, Belfast's sweetest destination and the perfect place for an unforgettable kids party in Belfast. This unique sweet shop has been spreading joy across Northern Ireland and has created a name for itself with its exceptional party experiences and vast array of delightful treats.

  • Experience the Magic at Joob Joobs: Your Ultimate Birthday Party Venue with a Magician in Belfast

    Based in Belfast, Joob Joobs is much more than your traditional sweet shop. As well as offering a tantalising array of sweets and treats in-store and through our popular online store, we host spectacular birthday parties that are sure to create lasting memories. 

  • Experience the Joob Joobs Ice Cream Delight: The Sweetest Ice Cream Belfast Has To Offer

    Whether you're a local or a visitor exploring the wonders of Northern Ireland, the quest for the ultimate ice cream Belfast has to offer leads to one sweet destination – Joob Joobs! Located in Belfast, Joob Joobs has firmly established itself as serving the best ice cream in Belfast! 

  • The Perfect Way To Spend Days Out in Belfast at Joob Joobs Sweet Shop

    Are you seeking a whimsical, fun-filled destination for your next family day out in Belfast? Look no further than Joob Joobs Sweet Shop, the magical candy haven located in the heart of the city. As part of one of your days out in Belfast, a visit to Joob Joobs will transport you to a world of sugary delights, colourful treats and unforgettable fun for both kids and adults alike. 

  • The Ultimate Birthday Party Venue in Northern Ireland: The Joob Joobs Sweet Shop Experience

    Step into a world where sugar-frosted dreams come to life, right in the heart of Belfast. Welcome to Joob Joobs, your premier destination for delightful confections, creative sweets, and unforgettable birthday parties in Northern Ireland. 

  • Chocolate Bars UK

    Chocolate Bars List We always get asked what types of chocolate bars we have?  We have a vast range, and if you are a person who loves white, milk,...
  • What you want to know about Vegan Chocolate

    Can Vegans eat Chocolate: The short answer is yes! Chocolate that is made from beans from Cacao trees means that chocolate is a plant-based food.  ...
  • Introducing Prodigy Snacks at Joob Joobs - Chocolate That Inspires Change!

    A lot goes into making a great bar of chocolate. Natural ingredients full of flavour and nutrients, expert crafting to ensure every bar tastes incredible, and above all, passion. Passion to create real chocolate that’s good for the body, the mind, and the planet. At Prodigy, that passion is what drives us. We’re heralding a natural revolution in snacking, crafting velvety smooth cacao chocolate made from natural ingredients and bursting with vitamins. We kick out refined sugar and artificial flavourings, say no to dairy, gluten and palm oil, and keep sugar content below 20%. But that’s not all. With the wonder of vibrant raw cacao nibs, natural sugars and sumptuous plant-based ingredients, each bar delivers an explosion of mouth-watering flavours. We believe this generation and the next deserve better. That’s why our chocolate not only tastes incredible and does your body good but is made with our planet in mind. That means using carefully sourced ingredients that don’t leave a hefty carbon footprint and wrapping all our chocolate bars in plastic-free, fully compostable packaging that won’t end up polluting our oceans. Our founder, Sameer Vaswani began his career as a Chef and Restauranteur. He harnessed his experience in the food industry when, in 2002, he relocated to West Africa and set up his own confectionery manufacturing business. During this time his eyes were opened to the widespread industry use of cheap, harmful ingredients and their damaging environmental impact. After selling his company and returning to London, he knew his next venture had to target industry change and champion great-tasting, natural snacking. That’s when the lightbulb moment happened. As a chocolate-lover, Sameer noticed that while there was plenty of vegan chocolate, there weren’t any healthy versions of the tempting, comforting chocolate bars he’d grown up with. He wanted to craft smooth and creamy cacao chocolate that was better for people, and better for the planet. Aiming to disrupt the industry and offer chocolate that was free from refined sugar, dairy, palm oil and gluten, and made for everyday chocolate lovers. So, he started Prodigy and did exactly that.
  • Create your own box of Joob Joobs' unique sweets for a loved one this Christmas!

    At Joob Joobs we like to be different and offer you a great selection of unique sweets you don't have in supermarkets this Christmas! Do you have a loved one that is vegan? Or perhaps know a couple who's boyfriend loves anything sugary but has girlfriend that doesn't eat refined sugar? Create your own unique boxes for loved one this Christmas - it' so wonderful to give something sweet and special to the ones we love. We would love to see your choices - you can tag us on insta @joobjooobsuk
  • Feel Right Now is live! A message from the Joob Joobs Founder!


    Mondays come round so quickly...right? I wanted to explain this ''Feel Right Now'' section on the website to everyone, as I'm sure it's not the most common phrase found in a sweet shop :-)

    Joob Joobs is about bringing wonderful new sweet brands together and recreating a modern sweet shop. Some of these brands you may not have heard of, including our own products! ''Feel Right Now'' was created to be a key feature on our website for our sweet brands, to introduce themselves to you, and share stories of their day to day lives as Willy Wonkas. It's so cool to co-create together!

    Much love,

    Francesca (Founder of Joob Joobs)

  • Joob Joobs weekend road trip to the Giant's Causeway

    We are off this morning with all our sweets in car of course 🍫 to see The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. We haven't been there in such a long time. Did you know it's 50-60 million years old!? Nearly as old as my family members :-)