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Chocolate Bars UK

Chocolate Bars UK

Chocolate Bars List

We always get asked what types of chocolate bars we have? 

We have a vast range, and if you are a person who loves white, milk, and or dark chocolate, we have the perfect chocolate bars that have diverse flavours and textures and are just super tasty! 

We LOVE providing exclusivity and getting unique brands to the public and showing that there is more out there than the standard brands/flavours. So whether you love flavours like salted caramel, cookies and cream or some flavours you don't often see, such as our Banoffee Pie Milk Chocolate Bar - we have it! 

Not only do we have an impressive list of chocolate bars, but we also have a great list of vegan chocolate bars or bars that gluten-free. This means that you can always have the tastiest bars no matter what, and with Joob Joobs expertise in finding the perfect chocolate gems, you can't go wrong! 


What chocolate bars are gluten free

So what are some favourites Gluten-Free options? 

At Joob Joobs, we aim to ensure that everyone can always find sweet treats regardless of lifestyle/diet. We want everyone to try unique brands and flavours that aren't seen on a day to day basis, and with that, we know that sometimes there isn't an extensive selection for people that need chocolate bars to cater to the gluten-free lifestyle. So with that, we have found incredible flavours, brands that are exclusive to Joob Joobs and are gluten-free, which is a huge WIN! 

Our Top favourites under the Gluten- free collections are Banoffee Pie Milk Chocolate Bar - it is gluten-free, vegetarian and has a beautiful milk chocolate creamy texture. It is beautifully packaged in a fully compostable wrapper and foil, making it better for the environment. Our other favourites are the Joob Joobs Rainbow Popcorn! The little pops are packed full of flavour and look incredibly cute (if we do say so ourselves) - they are gluten-free and vegetarian. 

If you would like to look at our Gluten-free options for yourself or as a present to someone you know who is gluten-free, follow the link below. This will show you the best selection of chocolate and sweets. 

Check out our full vegan sweets range here.

What chocolate bars are vegan?

So, what chocolate bars do we have that are vegan friendly?

We have a stunning exquisite chocolate that bar that is classy a real treat! Single Origin Dark Chocolate No.3 Lanquin. This bean to bar chocolate made from 70% cocoa solids. It is a 2018 Academy of Chocolate Silver Winner. Tasting Notes (Aroma/Flavour/Finish) : Floral/Peach/Espresso.

Another vegan chocolate bar that we have is our Chunky Orange Vegan Chocolate Bar. The Chunky Orange vegan, reduced-sugar chocolate bar has a tasting note of zesty orange! This would be the perfect bar to have as a pallet cleanser after a meal, coffee, or sit and enjoy while travelling.

To find out more about the types of chocolate bars that we offer or find out if we are gathering new products that pique your interest in the tastebud department, get in contact. We will advise on any offer, promotion, and new product launching. Alternatively, if you wish to see what Vegan products we have, click here.

Chocolate bars and sweets

Do you ever have those moments where you either just want all things chocolate or all things sweet and sugary?

At Joob Joobs, we have a BIG love for all things sweet! So we ensure that we have the best sweets/candy and chocolatey goodness available on the market. This means we have brands that unique and exclusive to our company, and you will receive high-grade products!

We would always recommend customers to try out our hamper gift boxes because you get a diverse mix of tasty treats, but alterative, you can try anything from our shop, and you will love them just as much as we do.

We have some cool American chocolate bars in different flavours, but our favourite is Peanut Butter and Jelly Milk Chocolate Bar. Boy, what a bar! all we can say is this needs to be in your basket because it is so good! To find more of our American style candy/sweets and chocolate - click the link below.