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1. Why the name Joob Joobs? 

Joob Joobs is a made-up name our founder created. It derives from the word ‘’Jujubes’’ which means gummy sweets, but we prefer the oo version to look like more a certain tech company. 🖥️ 😂

2. Why was Joob Joobs created?

We had a vision to create a modern day confectionery shop. We began searching for the best independent confectionery brands in the UK which then led us to create the largest independent confectionery platform online. Every product has been tried and tested and every brand we stock we love. ❤️

In 2022 we opened our first retail stores. Check out our current and upcoming locations here.

3. What is this ‘’Feel Right Now’’ on website?

We believe the best treats are made by the best people. The Feel Right Now is where we post content relating to products and what our partners are doing right now. Through this platform we get to see behind the scenes in chocolate factories and gives us all more information on each brand we stock through storytelling.

4. Where are your products from?

Most products we stock are from the UK, but we also work with brands across Europe and USA. That makes us global right? 🛩️

5. Why do you donate 10% of profits to charity?

Joob Joobs is founded on co-creation with our customers, co-creative partnerships, brands, influencers and many more people. It’s important for us to work with charities and organisations, as we are all one community. 😊👪

6. What charity do you donate to?

Ten Foundations are a charity based in Belfast supporting vulnerable children, families and communities in the Philippines. Their vision is to relieve the suffering and hardships vulnerable women and children face everyday, by providing care and support where it's needed most. Their work revolves around two main areas - livelihood and educational programmes.

7. Do you have seasonal confectionery?

Yes we will be adding new seasonal products at Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and Easter! 

8. What payment methods do you accept?

You can use any of the major credit cards to pay for your order and PayPal. 

9. Where is my order?

Allow 3-5 working days for standard deliveries. Still not there? Send us an email and we will get onto it in a flash! ⚡

10. How late in the day can i place my order?

Midday is the cut off to ensure your item is dispatched the same day. Orders placed after this time will be shipped the next working day. If you place an order after 12 noon on Friday your parcel will be dispatched on Monday.

11. What are the shipping options?

No need to wait at the doorstep every morning! For orders of our famous Letterboxes we offer free standard Royal Mail delivery - typically 3-5 working days. We also offer free 1st Class delivery when you spend over £30! You can choose tracked and also next day courier services.

12. What are your international shipping options?

We only ship to UK and Ireland addresses for now. Drop us an email with your location and we will contact you when our services are updated! 🌍

13. What if an item is faulty?

We hope you love all our products as much as we do! If there are any concerns please get in touch with us.

14. I want to order products for family members with all different dietary requirements?

No worries! On every product page we have an ‘explore’ tag allowing you to clearly see if products are vegan/vegetarian/palm oil free/gluten free/no refined sugar/plastic free etc. Over 25% of our products are vegetarian and vegan. It’s important for us to explore both indulgent and healthier alternatives which allows the customer to decide what sweet treat they prefer.

15. You have your own range of products?

Yes! We are glad you asked! Joob Joobs is a brand that wants to create products for you as well as stock the coolest products from others. Check out our products here.

16. How can i help spread the word of Joob Joobs?

Joob Joobs is a co-creative platform which is why we have decided to launch an influencer programme. You don’t need to be a YouTube star to join! We are looking for everyone to co-create with us. If you like posting and eating sweets contact us at

17. How else can we co-create together?

We love sweets and we want to showcase the best independent confectionery brands here. If you know of a really amazing sweet that we don’t stock please get in touch at If you are a start-up confectionery brand looking for a platform to launch we would love to hear from you too!

18. What social media platforms are you on?

Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. As well as exclusive content on our ‘’Feel Right Now’’.

19. Will you be adding more brands?

Yes - check us out on social media for the latest brands to be added online.

20. Seems you have the best job ever?

We get to eat, search and create confectionery for you - it doesn’t get any better! 🍫 🍭🍬