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What you want to know about Vegan Chocolate

What you want to know about Vegan Chocolate

Can Vegans eat Chocolate:

The short answer is yes! Chocolate that is made from beans from Cacao trees means that chocolate is a plant-based food.  Dark chocolate is also healthier and the most vegan friendly type of chocolate that we sell.  Also, the higher the cocoa solids (65% and above) the more vegan friendly chocolate bars are. 

Chocolate is defined as a food made from roasted and ground cacao seeds which are sweetened and eaten as confectionery.  Most sweeteners tend to be vegan and so do things that are made from seeds.  The chocolate that is not vegan friendly would be those with dairy added.

It is not just about watching out for milk though, you have to be careful of other derivatives such as milk solids, milk fat, milk powder, lactose, whey powder and casein.  You also have to check out that the products do not contain biscuit and caramel! Any chocolate products that have fruit and nuts added for additional flavour are fine though.

What Vegan Chocolate is there?

As we have talked about you can find vegan friendly chocolate that has added fruits and nuts added such as:

‘Chunky Orange Vegan Chocolate Bar’ to be added and linked here.

‘Vegan Organic Almond & Coffee Dark Chocolate’ to be added and linked here.

‘Single Origin Dark Chocolate No. 1’ to be added and linked here.

We also have a great range of vegan sweets and gummy sweets that you can find here.

Why Vegan Chocolate?

During the planning stages of creating Joob Joobs we asked customers what they would like to see in our store.  We have a number of friends who strictly stick to a Vegan diet and they struggle to find dark chocolate with add flavours which have fruits and nuts added for additional flavour.  Therefore, we are proud of our wide selection of vegan chocolate available to buy online today.

Vegan Chocolate or Sweets

Not only can you find vegan chocolate, but we have a great range of vegan sweets as well. We have sourced over 13 different types of vegan friendly sweets.

‘Vegan Fizzy Tropical Sweets to be added and linked here.

‘Vegan Sweet Mix’ to be added and linked here.

‘Joob Joobs Gobstoppers’ to be added and linked here.

Vegan Chocolate Bars

With 11 different vegan chocolate bars to choose from at Joob Joobs you can be sure to stock up your sweetie cupboard for the next month!

Our most popular Chocolate bars are the Chunky Orange, Chunky Vegan Chocolate Bar and our personal favourite the Joob Joobs Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Slab.

If you have any questions about our Vegan Chocolate get in touch today at